Are You Drinking Stale Coffee?

Are You Drinking Stale Coffee?

How Coffee Marketers Have Deceived You For Profit

If you’re like me (or anyone else, for that matter), you probably used to think coffee was fresh for weeks or months. I mean, coffee bags have a “best by” date that’s months in the future, right?

It’s all clever marketing.

Some coffee companies try to pull the wool over our heads by stating coffee is fresh for months as if it’s fact. Except it’s not – we know that now. Those “best buy” dates far in the future are deceiving, and it’s all so coffee companies can keep stale, old coffee beans on the shelves of grocery stores for months without us realizing that’s a bad thing.

Supermarket coffee is almost always stale coffee.

So here’s what you need to look for instead: a “roasted on” date.

Roasters that are focused on quality are transparent about when they roast their coffee. By publishing the specific date the beans were roasted, they give you the chance to be informed and buy fresh beans. Skip the supermarket beans – buy from an online roaster that is honest with you like Higher Realms where we don't roast our beans until we have your order and every order is roasted and shipped the same day.


Why You Should Only Buy Fresh Coffee

Fresh coffee is full of life, full of flavor and taste.

The acids are crisp and clean. The sugars are sweet and satisfying. The aromas are rich and captivating. And there’s virtually no bitterness – and any bitterness that is in the bean actually helps balance out the bright acids.

Fresh coffee is amazingly balanced.

Life’s too short to waste on stale, bitter beans. Buy the good stuff, throw a flavor party for your taste buds every morning, and start your day on the right foot with fresh roasted coffee from Higher Realms.

By this point you are probably thinking you want to buy and brew coffee as soon as you can get from when it was roasted. While technically that is true it does come with one caveat. You need to allow the coffee to “off gas”, that is allowing some of the carbon dioxide to leave the coffee. Brewing coffee that is too freshly roasted will cause the coffee to bubble over like a coffee volcano. Allowing your coffee to rest for a few days after the roast day will deliver optimum brewing conditions. Luckily for you the time it takes to ship your fresh roasted coffee to your doorstep gives our beans the perfect amount of time to “off gas” ensuring that you receive your coffee at optimum brewing conditions.


If you are still skeptical, we would love to prove it to you.

Order a bag of our freshly roasted coffee from our wide selection and we know you’ll wonder why you didn't switch years ago after the first sip.

End up loving our coffee? We knew you would.

Receive free shipping on our coffee when you subscribe to a recurring purchase and never go a morning without our delicious fresh roasted coffee!

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