Before You Buy Grocery Store Coffee Again, Read This

Before You Buy Grocery Store Coffee Again, Read This

If you buy coffee from a big name grocery store, then you may not be aware of some pretty scary facts.

Look, I can’t live without coffee. If I don't get my morning cup, well, it’s going to be a rough day. So, I get how important it is for your morning coffee to be an easy routine. Go to the store. Grab the red tin or green bag. Two scoops in the machine. Add sweetener and cream. Repeat.


The Truth About Big Coffee

Well, guess what? The dirty secret is that big coffee producers are capitalizing on that routine - and it’s significantly worse for you, farmers, and even the environment.

You see, coffee comes from the fruit of a coffee tree. And like all crops, there is a perfect moment in time to harvest that coffee fruit - a moment in time that makes that coffee taste incredible.

Unfortunately big coffee companies are mostly focused on extracting higher profit margins from your coffee routine. So they use what’s called “machine harvesting” to pick their coffee. Basically, fields of coffee trees are harvested all at once by these behemoth machines.

The result? Most of the coffee that gets picked isn’t ripe, which is one reason your cup of coffee ends up tasting so bad. And, in other industries that machine harvest it’s well known that materials other than the harvest crop can fall into collection bins - including leaves, bugs, and even dead birds.

Even worse? Machine harvesting takes jobs away from farmers across the world and can also be really bad for the environment.

After harvest, and in an effort to mask all of the shortcuts taken, most coffee chains over-roast their beans. Over-roasting burns out all of the real flavors and leaves it tasting like charcoal, bitter and burnt.

Big coffee companies will try to spin this in marketing as bold or full-bodied, but in reality it’s just really burnt and they’re banking on you not being able to tell the difference. Worst of all, the majority of coffee you get off the shelf at your local store has already gone stale. This is especially true if you buy ground coffee.

So, yeah, the entire big coffee picture is pretty bleak.. but, there is good news. There actually is a way to make your coffee routine 10x better and even more convenient than it is today.

That’s where Higher Realms “Subscribe and save” option comes in.


Taste the Flavor of Real Coffee

Higher Realms Subscribe and save option opens you up to the world of freshly-roasted coffee from the top 1% of farms from across the world, and delivers savings at the same time. Peru, Mexico, Honduras, Bali – Our roasting partner works with farmers who actually hand pick their coffee.

The result? Coffee that tastes like blueberries, honey, milk chocolate, and more - it’s incredible!

It's dead simple to join and save. Simply select the “Subscribe and save” option when making your coffee and grind selection and you'll instantly receive free shipping on your purchase. You get to choose how often you want our fresh roasted coffee shipped freely to you and we guarantee its delivery right to your doorstep. Plus, it's super flexible - you can pause or cancel at any time.

That morning cup of coffee should be one of the positive things you do every day, not a hindrance. And, it really doesn't have to be with subpar coffee falsely sold as gourmet.

Don't believe it? Give our Fresh Roasted Coffee a try and taste the difference. We just know you're going to love it.

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