Wholesale Ordering Now Available!

Wholesale Ordering Now Available!

Higher Realms: Best Distributor of Wholesale Coffee Beans


Higher Realms Wholesale

Whether you are a café that goes through hundreds of pounds of coffee beans a week, or a small business that purchases bulk bags of coffee to save money for the office, finding the right wholesale coffee company is important. At Higher Grounds, we not only provide your best wholesale coffee solution, we also provide reasonable pricing in an uncertain economy.

Our wholesale program is available to a variety of businesses including Restaurants, Corporate Offices, Grocery Stores, Cafés, and the Marijuana Industry. Anywhere and everywhere coffee is enjoyed, Higher Grounds is there to elevate the experience.

Please fill out our Wholesale Application Form for approval.


When it comes to the price of wholesale coffee beans, there is a delicate dance to be had between the cost and the quality of the product. On one hand, you want to purchase the best quality coffee that you can for your specific needs. On the other hand, you also need to buy something that is realistic and within your budget.

At Higher Realms, we offer a reasonable market based price on our wholesale orders. As specialty, freshly roasted coffee providers, our main objective is the quality of the bean, quality of our service, and the satisfaction of our customers. Since coffee beans are a traded commodity, the price of coffee is always changing, which is why we always alert our clients ahead of time of any change in prices due to a shift in market value. We will always do what we can to provide the lowest prices in any economy!


Each bean that enters our roaster's facility undergoes a dedicated roasting process and is sampled before leaving the roastery. We purchase only the freshest coffee crop yielded and offer sustainable, fair trade and organic coffee offerings. Depending on the roast and flavor profile you would like to achieve, we are confident in our abilities to get you there. Lastly, our coffee is roasted to order, meaning that your coffee is guaranteed fresh and roasted specifically for you.


Online wholesale ordering is available to approved accounts via our Wholesale Order Form or our Wholesale Mobile App. If you would like to place a wholesale order, please fill out our Wholesale Application Form and let us know of your needs. We will have a quote for your order within one business day.


All Shipping and/or deliveries are FREE at Higher Realms! It’s a way to say thank you for being our customer and putting your trust in us. We work around the clock to get orders out as fast as possible. Depending on the size of the order, delivery times may take anywhere from 2-4 business days.

*During Holiday seasons, delivery times may be longer with USPS and UPS delays.


Bulk Coffee

Buying bulk coffee is essential for any business, whether it is to maintain your daily operations as a coffee shop or restaurant, or just to stock up as a business that consumes a lot of coffee. At Higher Realms, we offer both bulk coffee beans and bulk ground coffee depending on what works best for you. After all, as wholesale coffee suppliers, our goal is to give you what you need.

Bulk Coffee Beans

Most businesses that purchase bulk coffee beans already know how important it is to grind your coffee beans right before brewing the coffee. This helps to ensure you are receiving the ultimate level of freshness, as coffee loses 70% of it's flavor within 15 minutes of being ground. Crazy huh?


When you buy bulk coffee beans, not only will the coffee be better, but it'll also store for much longer. The reason coffee starts to go bad and becomes rancid is because of oxidization, which is when your precious coffee begins to interact with oxygen. As a result, the coffee starts to become stale and unpalatable.

Bulk Ground Coffee

If you read the little tidbit above about oxidization and bean freshness, don't let that scare you away! Yes, buying gourmet coffee beans is best, but there is nothing wrong with bulk ground coffee if that is your only solution. The average coffee drinker can hardly differentiate between fresh ground coffee and that of slightly older coffee that has been pre ground.

Now, if you are in the business of providing the best coffee experience possible, especially if you are a coffee shop, then we urge you to consider buying a coffee grinder and grinding fresh coffee beans opposed to buying bulk ground coffee. Not to worry though, our bulk ground coffee comes packaged and sealed to help prevent oxidization. We also roast to order, meaning your roasted coffee will always be fresh.

Bulk Retail Bags

Some of our customers like to resell our bags of coffee at their coffee shop, restaurant, grocery store, or business which is why we also offer our 12 oz. and 1LB. retail bags. Each bag comes heat sealed with a degassing value and are resealable to preserve freshness. We offer these as both whole bean and ground depending on your needs.


Why Higher Realms?

"Elevate your morning"

Our company was founded based on a passion to deliver you clean fresh roasted specialty coffees that taste the way coffee was meant to taste. Our goal is to elevate mornings around the world by providing the freshest coffee available on the internet. Higher Realms is dedicated to providing the best artisan coffee experience to our customers. In order to achieve this, we source only the best specialty coffee from all around the world.

Our Ethos

When Higher Realms first began, it was determined that we were going to be more than just a coffee business. In fact, our goal is to inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams and passions in life, our coffee being the fuel to get them there. It has been said that our coffee was specifically created for the founders, owners, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and the doers.

Specialty Quality

The quality of our coffee beans is always a top priority at Higher Realms. In order to produce gourmet coffee, it requires sourcing from the best importers available. Each pallet of coffee that our roasters receive is carefully vetted, and tested, to ensure freshness. In order to be considered specialty coffee, the beans need to score high enough as green coffee and once cupped. Specialty grade coffee is actually a coffee with a score of 80 or above.


Not all coffee is treated equal, which is why we source coffee from trusted farmers and importers in a traceable way. It is important to us and our customers that we offer a transparent approach to coffee. Since we work with only the best coffee importers possible, we make it our mission to provide the best organic coffee, fair trade coffee, shade grown coffee, and small farm coffee offerings possible.


The more entrenched we have gotten into the coffee industry, the more eager we have become to provide the best affordable coffee solution, while also maintaining quality. If you are looking for cheap bulk coffee beans, you probably won't find what you are looking for here. With cheaper coffee options, there is almost always a tradeoff between price and quality. However, our pricing is fair and flexible for the high quality gourmet coffee beans that you will receive.

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