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Higher Realms Herbal Tea

Apple Cider Rooibos

Apple Cider Rooibos

Tea: Loose Leaf

🍂🍎 Elevate Your Senses with Higher Realms Herbal Tea 🍎🍂

Indulge in the exquisite taste of our Apple Cider Rooibos Tea 🍵🍎 – a symphony of spicy and sweet notes that dance on your taste buds! 🕺💃

🌿 Rooibos Goodness: Hailing from the heart of South Africa, Rooibos (pronounced ROY-bos) is nature's caffeine-free gift. Known as Red Bush Tea, it's celebrated for its abundant health benefits. 🌍🌱

✨ Premium Blend: Our blend takes Rooibos to new heights by infusing it with the warm embrace of cinnamon 🌰, the zest of orange peel 🍊, and a medley of natural spices 🌶️. The result? A cup of pure enchantment that's unforgettable! ✨

🍁 Year-Round Comfort: While this tea is a perfect match for the crispness of fall 🍂, its delightful flavors are designed to be savored all year long! ☀️❄️

Unlock the magic of Higher Realms Herbal Tea - Apple Cider Rooibos and let each sip transport you to a world of flavor and well-being. 🚀🌌✨

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Every bag of Higher Realms is roasted in small batches, which means we fire up the roaster specifically for your order. Small batch roasting gives our roast masters the precision needed to deliver coffee with insane levels of quality and freshness. You'll smell the difference when the first bag is delivered to your mailbox, guaranteed.