The Difference of Fresh Roasted Coffee

The Difference of Fresh Roasted Coffee

There can’t be many people worldwide who can genuinely resist the smell of fresh roasted coffee. For most of us, it’s no less than intoxicating. But as far as those in ‘elite’ coffee circles are concerned, fresh roasted coffee really is the only coffee worth bothering with.

The question being – why? What is it about fresh coffee that sets it apart from the generic stuff? Is it really worth buying fresh roasted coffee?

In a word, yes – and for a fair few reasons.

More often than not, giving fresh roasted coffee a try for yourself is enough to both pick up on the differences and never go back to the generic alternative. But if you need a little coaxing to give it a shot in the first place, here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the unique benefits of fresh roasted coffee.

Enhanced Aroma

First up, there’s no denying how the aroma represents at least half the experience as far as coffee is concerned. But what comparatively few realize is that when coffee beans are freshly roasted and ground, they don’t actually smell like a cup of coffee. Instead, they have the most indulgently rich and earth aromas carried through from the beans/berries themselves. In fact, if the beans or grounds you buy smell like standard coffee, there’s a good chance they weren’t fresh roasted coffee and/or fresh ground coffee at all.

Health Benefits

It’s only as of relatively recently that the extraordinary health benefits of coffee have started to become apparent. From cancer prevention to weight loss to a reduced overall chance of premature death, it seems regular coffee consumption really can work wonders for most people. However, in order to get the maximum benefit from a cup of coffee, the beans need to be as fresh as possible. As the beneficial compounds in coffee begin to break down the moment the beans are roasted, so too do the potential health benefits of fresh coffee. The fresher the coffee, the bigger the benefits.

Quality Over Quantity

Roasting coffee as close to the point of purchase as possible takes skill, dedication and commitment to quality. It is fundamentally impossible to mass-produce coffee in such a way – hence the reason it only tends to be small batch coffee that’s available as fresh roasted coffee. It’s a process that focuses on the quality of each and every package produced and sold, rather than the usual focus on quantity. Have a go at home roasting for yourself and you’ll see just how meticulous and intensive the process is. That is, assuming you want to get it done right!

Pure Flavor

Last but not least, the compounds that give coffee its unique flavor profile also begin to break down the moment it is roasted. Which means that the closer to the point of roasting the coffee is consumed, the more intensive and rich the flavor profile. You’ll only ever have to try one cup of normal coffee and one cup of fresh roasted coffee side by side to immediately note the incredible difference between the two. And when you do, chances are you’ll find it impossible to go back to the former!

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