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Bean Me Up

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Roast: Medium

🚀🌌 Engage the cosmos in an out of this world sweet blend of coffee from Central America & Africa expertly crafted to create an experience your taste buds will soon not forget. 🌌✨

Roasted with utmost precision and care, our coffee beans bring you a stellar symphony of flavors that will ignite your senses and elevate your mornings to celestial heights. ☕

🌠 Let the aromatic notes of adventure awaken your spirit and prepare you for a day filled with limitless possibilities.

☕🪐 Elevate your mornings, elevate your life – one sip at a time. Don't just sip coffee; ascend to Higher Realms! 🌠🌞


Every bag of Higher Realms is roasted in small batches, which means we fire up the roaster specifically for your order. Small batch roasting gives our roast masters the precision needed to deliver coffee with insane levels of quality and freshness. You'll smell the difference when the first bag is delivered to your mailbox, guaranteed.